December 16, 1987  
Release # 87-079

WASHINGTON, DC - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the General Power Equipment Company, Harvard, Illinois, today announced the recall of approximately 350 model MH21F and MH22F True Value brand portable electric heaters, manufacured after September 22, 1987. Although no incidents have been reported, many of these heaters will present a severe electric shock hazard after a limited period of use.

The company learned that a fan motor failure in these heaters could cause the element coils to overheat, sag, and contact the metal housing. The warning signs of heater failure include a clattering, clanking, or other unusual sound from the fan, failure of the heater to blow air, element coils changing color from black to red, and sagging coils.

Suspect model MH21F and MH22F True Value brand heaters have been sold nationally only at True Value Hardware Stores since September 23, 1987, for about $30 to $45. The heaters are brown rectangular upright metal space heaters, and are rated at 1500 watts. The recalled heaters are date coded as 13F and 15F for the MH21F model, and as 11F and 17F for the MH22F model. The model number and date code are labeled on the back of each heater in the lower left corner.

Owners who identify their heater as recalled should immediately discontinue use and return it to the nearest True Value Hardware store for a full refund. Owners who are unable to return their heater should contact the nearest True Value Hardware store for further instructions.