February 13, 1986  
Release # 86-007


Washington, DC -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Granada Electronics Inc., Brooklyn, NY is voluntarily recalling its Model M400 Omnidirectional CB base station antennas. If contact is made by the antennas with an electrical power line while being installed or taken down, the antennas have the potential for severe or fatal shock.

The CPSC stated that in tests conducted on the Model M400, it failed to comply with the agency's mandatory safety standard and labeling requirements. The standard is intended to reduce the electrocution hazard if the antenna should accidentally contact a power line while being removed or installed. The standard requires labeling on the product and its packaging warning about the electrocution hazard and further requires instructions for safe installation.

Granada Electronics Inc. distributed approximately 2000 of the affected antennas nationwide. The Model M400 CB Base Station Antenna consists of 14 sections of aluminum tubing which form two three-legged tripods on its mast.

The CPSC is not aware of any injuries or deaths involving the Model M400 antennas. About 500 antenna-related electrocutions have been estimated to have occurred since 1976 as a result of CB antennas coming into contact with electrical power lines while the antennas are being put up or taken down. Therefore, consumers should not take down any of the recalled antennas, which are already installed.

The affected antennas are being removed from dealers and replaced. Retailers who still have the model M400 in stock should return them to Granada Electronics Inc., immediately for replacement. Consumers owning any of the M400 models that have not been installed should return the antenna to the dealer for a full refund. Consumers who have already installed the M400 models should leave them alone. These persons can obtain a warning hang tag to be placed in a conspicuous location on the product to warn future users about the potential hazard. The hang tag can be obtained by calling Granada Electronics Inc., at 718-387-1156 or writing the firm at 485 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211. As a normal practice, individuals planning to install or take down a CB antenna should first contact their local power company for advice if overhead wires pass through the neighborhood.