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Hazardous Baby Cribs Seized And Destroyed

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Recall Date:
August 27, 1985

Recall Details

August 27, 1985  
Release # 85-041

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced today that it recently supervised the destruction of approximately 110 hazardous baby cribs that had been seized by the U.S. Marshalls in Brooklyn, New York under a court order. The cribs were seized and destroyed because they failed to meet safety requirements of the CPSC for full size and non-full size cribs. The cribs could not be brought into compliance with the safety standards and, therefore, had to be destroyed.

The cribs, which were imported from Italy, were offered for sale at the Baby Desire retail store at 3816 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, New York between January 1984 and January 1985. The Baby Desire store is no longer in business.

The cribs' vertical slats were too far apart and could allow an infant's body to slide between the slats entrapping the child by the head. This entrapment could cause strangulation.

In addition, the sides of the cribs were not high enough to discourage toddlers from climbing out. Required assembly instructions which would enable consumers to assemble the cribs properly so they would be safe were not supplied. Required labeling was not present.

The CPSC estimates that 47 unsafe baby cribs were sold to consumers. These unsafe cribs have no labeling which would help identify them. Consumers who believe they may have purchased one of these unsafe cribs should measure the spaces between the vertical slats of the crib. If the spaces are greater that 2 3/8 inches

Consumers who want more information about these cribs should call the Commission's New York Regional Office at 212-264-1125 or the CPSC toll-free Hotline at 800-638-CPSC. The teletypewriter number for the hearing-impaired is (301) 595-7054.

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