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Century Products and Product Source Inc. Recall Infant "Crib Cuddle"

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Recall Date:
June 10, 1985

Recall Details

Release # 85-031  

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Century Products, Inc., of Stow, Ohio and Product Source, Inc., Of Laguna Hills, California, had a free replacement program for the infant hammock portion of a product called Crib Cuddle. Approximately 109,000 Crib Cuddles have been distributed since 1982. The firms and the Commission are aware of one death and two near-misses in which a baby under two months of age was found with his head over an edge of the hammock.

The Crib Cuddle, which retails for approximately $39.95, is a yellow hammock of soft terry material with a plush pile center and a red heart-shaped, battery-operated pulsator intended to simulate a heartbeat-type sound. The hammock has six straps to suspend it from the side rails of the crib. Product Source distributed the Crib Cuddle under the trade name Infacare from March 1982 to May 1983. Century Products had been distributing the Crib Cuddle under the Century name since June 1983.

All Crib Cuddle owners should immediately stop using the product and discard or destroy the product. Replacement products are no longer available.

Crib Cuddles sold under the Infacare name, have a small white tag sewn onto the hammock with the Infacare name on it. Consumers with Infacare Crib Cuddles should stop using the product and discard or destroy the product. Replacement products are no longer available.

For additional information, consumers may call the company's customer service number at 800-345-4109 or the Commission's toll-free Hotline, 800-638-CPSC. The teletypewriter number for the hearing-impaired is (301) 595-7054.

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In the Matter of Commission
Ballot Vote on the Corrective
Action Plan for Crib Cuddle
(ID 84-13, 85-15)


I have carefully reviewed the corrective action plan for Crib Cuddle which was jointly submitted to the Commission by Product Source, Inc. (which distributed the product from May 1982 to May 1983 under the brand name "Infacare") and Century Products, Inc. (which distributed the product from June 1983 until distribution of the original version of the product ceased in December 1984). In addition, I have reviewed other information provided by staff, including human factors analyses of the original and redesigned versions of the Crib Cuddle.

The Crib Cuddle came to the attention of the Commission almost a year ago (June 1984) when the staff learned of the death of a 5-week old infant in one of the products due to positional asphyxia. Subsequently, the Commission learned of two "near -misses" involving Crib Cuddles.

Following investigation of these incidents and analysis of the product, the staff preliminarily determined that Crib Cuddles (original design) present a substantial risk of injury to infants. Source, an agreement was reached that the firms would initiate a joint recall of the product and undertake a combined corrective action Program. (It should be noted that the firms have already, on their own initiative, begun implementation of certain activities outlined in the remedial program.) in addition; Century submitted two prototypes of new Crib Cuddle designs to the commission for evaluation.

The Crib Cuddle (original design) is a hammock-style device in Which an infant can be placed for sleeping. Its distributors recommend its use with infants from birth to three months of age. The hammock attaches to the side rails of a crib by six adjustable soaps, three on each side. The product also includes a plastic heart-shaped box containing a battery-operated! Mechanism which emits a pulsating sound and vibration. The heart-shaped box is inserted into a soft pad which is sewn on the hammock.

According to the instruction, when the Crib Cuddle is installed, the crib mattress should be raised to its highest position so that a flat base is created on which the baby can lie.

The staff has conducted a limited assessment of the new Crib Cuddle; however, at this time, they are unable to provide evidence which confirms the safety of the new design or its performance in actual use situations. Century Products has commissioned Brown University to conduct necessary safety tests. These tests are intended to provide more extensive information concerning infant-product interaction and will evaluate the performance of the product in more naturalistic circumstances.

While the corrective action plan proposed by Century Products and Product Source includes many elements, which I believe will provide adequate notice, admonitions, and guidance to the public concerning the risks associated with the original Crib Cuddle, I do not agree with the Commission staff's recommendation that the commission approve the corrective action plan and press release in the absence of data and other information which verifies that the hazards associated with the original Crib Cuddle are truly eliminated by there designed version. Because the corrective action plan will also effectuate a recall process which involves the replacement of the old version of the product with the redesigned version, approval of the plan in its present form, in my view, is tantamount to the approval of the redesigned Crib Cuddle, and, thereby, conveys to consumers the . mistaken impression that our (limited)'evaluation of the new Crib Cuddle has confirmed the product's safety.

Given the very unique nature of the product and the extreme vulnerability of the population at risk, I believe that the Commission should proceed with caution and take the necessary time and action to make reasonable determination, based on testing data now being developed, that the "new and improved" Crib Cuddle does not present a risk of injury to infants. In the absence of test results validating the efficacy and safety of the redesigned product, it is, in my view, premature at best to certify a plan which places in the hands of consumers a product which has not been fully tested and information which conveys the impression that the new Crib Cuddle is safe for infants. Therefore, in this context, I am voting not to approve the corrective action plan or press release for Crib Cuddle.

Picture of the signature of Saundra Brown, Agency Vice Chairman, 1985


Crib Cuddle

The Crib Cuddle can be dangerous if an infant, in moving about, is able to, reach the edge of the hammock and place his or her head over the, edge possibly resulting in suffocation. One death and two near-misses have been reported in which this occurred.

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