Note: Firm is out of business. Do not use these products. Please discard or destroy these products.

Release # 85-035  

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Pines of America Inc., a toy manufacturer located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is out of business. Owners of the ATV Trailblazer - Model No. PP9083 are to discontinue use immediately.

The ATV Trailblazer is a battery operated ride-on toy motorcycle for children ages 4-7. It sold for approximately $99.00. Pines had learned that under certain circumstances a short circuit can occur in the battery wiring harness. Pines of America was aware of 30 reports of incidents involving a short circuit, which have resulted in overheating at the battery harness location. While no injuries have been reported as a result of the overheating, consumers owning this toy are requested to discontinue use immediately.

The problem applies only to the ATV Trailblazers -Model PP9083 produced between July 21, 1983 and April 16, 1984 and not to any other Pines' Riding Toys. The affected model can be identified by a decal on the rear of the toy which designates the name Trailblazer.

Further information on this recall can be obtained by calling the Consumer Product Safety Commission's toll-free Hotline at 800-638-CPSC. A teletypewriter number for the hearing-impaired is (301) 595-7054.

Pines of America Battery Operated ATV Trailblazer,
Model No. PP9083

ATV Trailblazer