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CPSC Provisionally Accepts Consent Order With Hartford Carpet Mills, Inc.

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Recall Date:
May 19, 1975

Recall Details



May 19, 1975


Release # 75-040

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 19, 1975) -- The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission today provisionally accepted a consent order signed by Hartford Carpet Mills, Inc. requiring that company to recall certain carpets and rugs which fail to meet Federal flammability standards. (DOC F l-70). Non-complying goods were previously pulled from inventory and the distribution chain.

The carpets and rugs in style "Carmel", also sold under the names "Sierra" and "Hartley", were manufactured between April 16, 1971, and October, 1971. Also involved in the recall are carpets and rugs in the same style in colors Autumn Bronze and Harvest Beige, manufactured between May 1, 1972, and June 30, 1972. The style "Carmel" carpet is composed of 100 percent nylon pile and has a jute back. It comes in various colors, is shaggy in nature and is sold in varying lengths.

A Commission spokesman said that any remaining carpeting and rugs involved in the recall, sold nationwide, are probably in the homes of consumers.

Consumers who feel they may have such carpets or rugs in their homes should contact Hartford Carpet Mills, Inc., 2913 Eighth Avenue, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37407 (615-624-0981). The consent order, signed by Hartford Carpet Mills, Inc. and Nolan D. Helms, Officer of the Corporation, requires the company to notify all purchasers and either process the carpets and rugs to bring them into compliance with the standard, or destroy them.

By signing the consent agreement, the company also agrees not to violate Federal flammability standards in the future.

This action is voluntary and does not constitute an admission of guilt by the company. A violation of the consent order could result in civil penalties up to $5,000 per violation.

The complaint and consent order will remain on the public record for comment through July 18, 1975. Interested persons may submit comments to the Office of the Secretary, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 1750 K Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. 20207.

After reviewing any comments, the Commission will decide whether to accept the agreement or withdraw its provisional acceptance.

Further information on this consent order may be obtained through the Bureau of Compliance, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington, D.C. 20207.

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