January 7, 1975


Release # 75-006

Washington, D.C. -- Owners of nearly 9,000 Sears and Kent medicine cabinets with built-in electrical outlets purchased since September, 1974 were today urged to return them due to a potential shock hazard.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has been informed that some of the electrical outlets may have been improperly assembled, which could result in a serious shock when consumers use an appliance with a 3-prong grounded plug. It is also possible that a shock hazard could exist if the medicine cabinet itself is not properly installed.

The cabinets were manufactured by the Kent Division, LCA Corporation, Bellevue, Kentucky.

The potential hazard was reported to the Commission by H.H. Flourescent Parts, Inc. of Cheltenham, Pa., manufacturers of the outlet. No injuries have been reported.

The cabinets were sold under the Kent name through independent distributors, jobbers and retailers east of Salt Lake City and throughout the nation under the Sears name by Sears, Roebuck and Company.

Only cabinets sold since September, 1974 are involved. Prices ranged from $50 to $160, depending on the model.

The Sears models are identified as Nos:

861-38530 861-3854 861-3854 861-3855
861-38710 861-38800 861-38541 861-38551

The Kent units were sold to independent retailers east of Salt Lake City, Utah. These units are identified by Nos:

L-GO-1216 L-WO-1216 L-GO-1420
L-WO-1420 L-G-CAR-1420 L-W-CAR-1420
L-CRE-1420 L-CEO-1420 L-LEX-1420
L-SOM-1420 L-SO-1420 L-COA-1420

Model numbers are located on a nameplate under the bottom shelf.

Consumers, builders and others who bought these cabinets are urged to return them to their place of purchase for exchange, repair or refund. Sears customers requesting assistance in cabinet removal should contact their local Sears stores. Kent customers should contact the store from which the purchase was made.