Release date: December 18, 2008
Release number: 09-070

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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is joining Target, of Minneapolis, Minn., today in announcing a new notification system for communicating product recalls in Target stores nationwide. Target’s innovative safety and recall notification program involves posting signs throughout its stores that direct guests to gift registry kiosks near the Guest Service desk to learn about recalled products.

Through the kiosk system, guests in Target stores will have easy access to notices of new or past recalls for all product categories and can print copies of safety and recall notices to take with them.

Target will continue to post safety and recall information at, provide links to the CPSC and related Web sites, and send e-mails to guests who have purchased recalled products online. To further increase awareness of recalls, Target has introduced a new process for eligible Target REDcard account holders, which provides recorded phone messages for guests who purchase an item that has been recalled.

CPSC would also like to urge consumers to sign up to receive automatic email updates on recalls. “We have several subscription lists so consumers have more choices in the types of messages they can receive to ensure their families are safe,” said Acting Chairman Nancy Nord.

By logging on to consumers can tailor the type of e-mail notification they prefer, based on product type. Subscription lists include:

- All CPSC press releases, including recalls

- All recalls only

- Only those recalls involving infant/child products

- Only those recalls involving products used for sports & recreation

- Only those recalls involving products used outdoors

- Only those recalls involving household products

- Only those recalls involving specialty products

- t the gift registry kiosk or at, Target guests can also search for recall information based on specific product categories.CPSC & Target Announce New In-Store Recall Notification SystemCPSC & Target Announce New In-Store Recall Notification Systemb                                                           

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