Release date: July 26, 2007
Release number: 07-255

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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced today the filing of a lawsuit (PDF) against Ardisam Inc., of Cumberland, Wis., in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin. The lawsuit alleges that Ardisam failed to report in a timely manner, as required by federal law, serious injuries with the Big Foot and Lite Foot Series hunting tree stands. In July 2004, these tree stands were the subject of a recall.

The lawsuit alleges that Ardisam received incident information beginning in April 2000 that the tree stands unexpectedly detached from trees, resulting in broken bones and other serious injuries to consumers. It is alleged that the company failed to immediately inform CPSC of this information as required by federal law. Ardisam finally reported information to CPSC in May 2004.

"The law is clear – companies must immediately tell CPSC about products that could pose a substantial risk or create an unreasonable risk of serious injury or death" said CPSC Acting Chairman Nancy Nord. "The quicker a company tells CPSC about a dangerous product, the quicker we can work to protect the health and safety of consumers."

Under the Consumer Product Safety Act, manufacturers, distributors and retailers are required to report to CPSC information about products that could create a substantial risk of injury to the public or that create an unreasonable risk of serious injury or death.

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