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CPSC Announces Recall Round-up to Get Hazardous Products Out of Consumers' Homes

Release Date: March 30, 1999

For the third year in a row, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is conducting a recall round-up to get hazardous products out of people's homes. Despite recall notices and public warnings, CPSC has found that many products with the potential to seriously injure or kill are still being used by consumers.

CPSC has enlisted the help of state and local officials, as well as national and state health and safety organizations. Governors, state health officials, and grassroots voluntary/service groups will help publicize the safety campaign and distribute information on the hazardous products. In some states, recalled products will be rounded up and brought to central locations for disposal.

"People should do some spring cleaning and check their attics and other storage areas for old products that could be hazardous," said CPSC Chairman Ann Brown. "We can get dangerous products off store shelves, but the real challenge is to get them out of families' homes."

Today, CPSC will hold a press conference to launch Recall Round-Up by giving out a "Recall List" of products.

Some of the hazardous products that might be in consumers' homes are:

- Play yards that have protruding rivets that pose a strangulation hazard to toddlers if pacifier strings or loose (or loosely woven) clothing catch on the rivets. CPSC is aware of 8 deaths of toddlers who strangled when a string or clothing caught on the playpens' protruding rivets. CPSC obtained voluntary recalls for 9.6 million units of the following play yards/playpens with protruding rivets: Bilt-Rite, Evenflo, Gerry, Graco, Kolcraft, Playskool, Pride-Trimble, and Strolee. To get a repair kit or refund (depending on the brand), people should call 800-794-4115.

- Ride-on battery-powered Power Wheels vehicles by Fisher-Price made before October 1998 with electrical components that can overheat and cause fires. CPSC knows of 700 reports of electrical components failing and overheating while the cars and trucks were being ridden, charged, parked or stored. About 150 fires have been reported, and 9 children suffered minor burns. Property damage also occurred to 22 houses and garages. In addition, there have been 71 reports of Power Wheels vehicles not stopping because of this electrical problem. Approximately 10 million products are involved. People should remove the batteries and call Fisher-Price on 800-977-7800 to get free repair of the Power Wheels vehicles.

- Horizontal (under-the-counter) Spacemaker Optima toaster (model T1000) by Black & Decker can allow food to catch fire. When the door automatically opens, flames escape and expose cabinets to fire. CPSC knows of 1,066 fires and 8 burns. There are 234,000 toasters included in this recall. People can get a free replacement product by calling Black & Decker on 800-746-2159.

- Infant car seat/carrier "On My Way" Model 207 and 492 made before July 27, 1997, by Evenflo Company can unexpectedly release the handle, causing the seat to flip forward and the infant to fall. CPSC knows of 89 injuries to children. Approximately 800,000 car seat/carriers are involved. People should call Evenflo Company on 800-203-2138 to get free repair.

- Mini-hammocks without spreader bars can twist around children's necks as they are getting into or out of the mini-hammock, resulting in strangulation and death. CPSC knows of 12 deaths to children in mini-hammocks. Approximately 3 million such mini-hammocks without spreader bars were recalled in 1996. People should return the mini-hammocks to the store or destroy them.

- Infant Swing "Lil' Napper" model by Century Products Company can strangle a child if the shoulder straps loosen or are unbuckled and the child becomes entangled. CPSC knows of 4 deaths and 1 near strangulation. There were 125,000 units of the Lil' Napper Infant Swing recalled in 1997. People should call Century Products on 800-231-1448 to get a free repair kit.

"CPSC sometimes learns of deaths or serious injuries caused by previously recalled products. We want to prevent these needless tragedies," said Brown. "We urge people to get CPSC's list of recalls and check for old products that could be hazardous."

CPSC's toll-free telephone hotline and web site provide information about recalled products and information on what to look for when buying products. Consumers can reach the hotline at 800-638-2772 or visit the web site at

Consumers can get a list of major recalls here, or can have a copy mailed to them by sending a postcard to "Recall List," CPSC, Washington, D.C. 20207.

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