Release date: January 25, 1995
Release number: 95-069

Release Details

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) joins with the Cannondale Corporation as part of its safety efforts to announce an inspection and warning label program on all bicycles manufactured since 1983. Cannondale and CPSC stress that this is not a recall but a very important safety inspection program.

Cannondale is aware of five incidents where frame breakage or separation of the frame resulted in serious injury to the rider. The frame failures can occur suddenly. Cannondale's inspection program should encourage bike owners to periodically inspect their frames for cracks. Riders should pay particular attention to the underside of the head tube/down tube junction [see drawing].


If a consumer finds even a small crack in the frame, they should stop riding the bike and return it to their Cannondale retailer for a FREE warranty replacement frame. Cannondale is offering bike owners warning stickers to be placed on the frame as a reminder to have the bike inspected periodically, when bicycles are tuned-up or serviced. The company is also urging its retailers to inspect Cannondale bikes brought in for routine maintenance and to also attach warning stickers to those bikes. In addition, all 1995 model Cannondale bicycles have warning stickers permanently affixed to the bike frames.

Consumers with questions about this safety inspection and labelling program should call their local Cannondale retailer or Cannondale directly at (800) BIKE-USA for further instructions. Media inquiries may be directed to David Campbell at Cannondale Corporation at (203) 544-3483.

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