Release date: July 19, 1990
Release number: 90-120

Release Details

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), The Vendo Company of Fresno, CA has announced the extension of its retrofit program undertaken in April 1989 to address deaths and injuries to consumers due to tipover of vending machines.

The purpose of the retrofit program is to add anti-theft levers and warning labels to certain Vendo machines manufactured between January 1982 and May 1985. The anti-theft lever prevents the dispensing of a free product if these machines are rocked. In the last several years, there have been numerous deaths and injuries caused by the rocking or tilting of vending machines.

A substantial number of the targeted vending machines have not yet been retrofitted and labelled by their owners. CPSC and Vendo urge these owners to complete the retrofit program as soon as possible. Consumers should protect themselves from serious injury or death by refraining from rocking or tilting any vending machine.

The program has once again been extended. Owners are being credited $20 for each machine retrofitted up to the extension date. For further information please contact Ms. Peggy Ayres of Vendo at (209) 439-1770.

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