Release date: March 18, 1976
Release number: 76-020

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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced today it is seeking applicants for positions on two advisory committees for vacancies occurring in June 1976.

The Commission anticipates five vacancies for consumer representatives on the National Advisory Committee for the Flammable Fabrics Act, and eight vacancies, three for consumer representatives and five for industry representatives, on the Technical Advisory Committee on Poison Prevention Packaging.

The National Advisory Committee for the Flammable Fabrics Act is consulted for opinions, advice and recommendations before the Commission prescribes flammability standards or other regulations established under the Act. The Committee is composed of 20 members, 10 of whom represent the consuming public and 10 representing manufacturers and distributors.

The Technical Advisory Committee on Poison Prevention Packaging provides advice and recommendations to the Commission on the establishment of packaging standards designed to protect children from injury or illness resulting from their handling, using or ingesting household substances and on requests for exemptions from existing regulations. The Committee is composed of 18 members, including one representative each from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare and the Department of Commerce, with the remaining 16 members equally divided among representatives of consumer and industry interests. Within the industry category, representation is provided for manufacturers of household substances subject to the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, and for manufacturers of packages and closures for those products. Scientists with expertise related to the Act and licensed medical practitioners may be included in either the consumer or industry category, depending on employment affiliations.

Individuals interested in applying for these vacancies should contact the Committee Management Officer, Office of the Secretary, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington, D.C. 20207, telephone (202)634-7700, for the necessary forms. A statement of intent to serve if selected should accompany applications for individuals nominated by someone else. All applications must be received by the Commission no later than May 15, 1976.

The Commission attempts to balance membership on all advisory committees in terms of geographic location, age, sex and minorities and, at the same time, seeks the widest possible diversity of experience, expertise, background and interests.

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