Release date: November 8, 1974
Release number: 74-077

Release Details

Specifically, the Commission found that children's sleepwear garments in styles 1612, 1614, 1312, 1314 and 1302 manufactured between July 29, 1972 and July 28, 1973, had cautionary labels affixed to the garments that were not clearly and conspicuously visible to a prospective purchaser when packaged such packaging is in violation of Section .5(b) of the Standard for the Flammability of Children's Sleepwear, (DOC FF 3-71).

Styles 1612 and 1614 are infants plisse crepe gowns of 100% cotton, yellow with white stitching, white brie brat and a white bow. Styles 1312, 1314 are infants cotton flannel gowns of 100% cotton, blue with white stitching, white border around the neck with animal and flower figures and a white bow in front.

Style 1302 are infants cotton print flannel gowns of 100% cotton, white with blue stitching with a pattern of red and blue flowers and teddy bear figures on the garment. The garments are packaged in a plastic bag with red printing on the bag which reads, "Gown for Bundle O'Joy." Printed in Blue on the bag are the words, "Washable colors, Full cut for comfort, Quality Guaranteed, Made for Longer Wear."

The garments have a cautionary flammable warning label sewn into the neck of the gowns that is partially concealed by the bows when the garment is folded and packed in plastic bags. The garments do not contain a style number. They are marked with a woven label sewn in the neck giving the registered identification number "RN 15031". The products were sold nationwide.

The Commission knows of no other way to describe the garments.

This announcement is made in the public interest in order to alert consumers of the sleepwear's failure to conform to the labeling requirements of the flammability standard.

The Complaint and Consent Order will remain on the public record from November 8 through January 6. Comments from the public received during this period will become part of the public record. The Commission may withdraw its acceptance of the Agreement after further consideration.

The Agreement is for settlement purposes only and does not constitute an admission by the respondents that they have violated the law. When issued by the Commission on a final basis the consent order does carry the force of law with respect to future violations. A violation of such an order may result in a civil penalty up to $10,000 per violation being imposed upon a respondent.

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