Release date: November 15, 1974
Release number: 74-048

Release Details

CPSC Chairman Richard 0. Simpson named Roger Feldman as Director of the Office of Resource Utilization and Walter Hobby as Director of the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Both had been serving as acting directors in those positions at the time of their appointments.

Mr. Feldman was the Commission's Director of Budget and Finance before becoming Acting Director of the Office of Resource Utilization in May 1974. Prior to joining the Commission in 1973, Feldman was with the U.S. Information Agency as Chief of the Budget Planning and Systems Analysis Staff. He graduated with a B.A. in sociology from Brown University in 1960 and attended the New York University Graduate School of Public Administration.

Mr. Hobby was previously with the Office of Management and Budget in the management systems division from 1968 until 1973, when he joined the Commission. From 1966 to 1968, Hobby was with the State Department as a management analyst. Prior to 1966, Hobby worked with the U.S. Civil Service Commission in Chicago and Washington, D.C. Hobby received a B.A. from Harvard University in 1947 and M.A. from the University of Michigan in 1951.

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