Release date: April 1, 1975
Release number: 75-031

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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission today issued rules and regulations that will implement labeling, display and recordkeeping requirements for the children's sleepwear sizes 7 to 14 flammability standard that goes into effect on May 1.

The rules and regulations, which appear in today's Federal Register' take effect on May 1. Similar rules and regulations for the sizes 0 to 6X children's sleepwear flammability standard will be issued within the next few weeks and will take effect 30 days after date of publication in the Federal Register.

Highlights of the rules and regulations for the 7 to 14 standard include:

-Sleepwear sizes 7 to 14 and fabrics promoted or intended for use in children's sleepwear sizes 7 to 14 manufactured after May 1 must bear a label which states: "Flame Resistant. U.S. Standard FF 5-74." This label does not have to be permanent and may be attached to the package or be on a hang tag.

-Each garment must bear a permanent label with precautionary care and treatment instructions to protect sleepwear and fabrics from any agent or treatment which is known to cause those items to be less flame resistant. Fabric shops also must provide care labels.

-Each garment or fabric must have a permanent production unit identification label. The information may be stamped on the garment or fabric and may be coded. The label will permit manufacturers to be identified and will assist the tracking of any sleepwear or fabrics that fail to meet the standards.

-Retailers must separate sales displays of complying and non-complying goods by at least 36 inches. Signs with letters at least one inch high must identify the flame resistant products from those that are not flame resistant.

-Manufacturers, importers and wholesalers must maintain records as required giving the names of purchasers and dates of sales, excluding ultimate consumer purchasers. These recordkeeping requirements also help the Commission in its efforts to inspect sleepwear and fabrics for compliance with the standard and to locate production units which fail flammability tests.

The Commission plans to propose an additional amendment to the rules and regulations that will require catalog advertisements for sizes 7 to 14 sleepwear to indicate whether the garments are flame resistant.

The rules and regulations for the sizes 0 to 6X children's sleepwear flammability standard also will require production unit identification, separation of flame resistant goods from non flame resistant goods and recordkeeping by manufacturers, importers and wholesalers.

The 0 to 6X standard, which has been in full effect since July 29, 1973, already requires permanent care labels, and although it is not mandatory for manufacturers to indicate that the sleepwear is flame resistant, many voluntarily are providing such labels.

Advertisements for sleepwear sizes 0 to 6X also must indicate if the products are not flame resistant. Copies of the rules and regulations are available from the Office of the Secretary, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington, D.C. 20207.

Consumer fact sheets describing the flammability standards and laundering tips are available by calling the toll free hotline: 800/638-2772.

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