Release date: June 20, 1975
Release number: 75-047

Release Details

The Consumer Product Safety Commission today responded to a three-part petition from the ""PAM Club"" of Churchill, New York.

The first part of the petition asked for a ban on "PAM" which has been linked to a number of deaths reportedly from the intentional misuse of the product by teenagers. That request was denied by a 3-2 vote which held that CPSC lacked jurisdiction over "Pam" because it is a food product and foods, drugs, cosmetics and pesticides are excluded from CPSC authority.

However, the entire Commission expressed deep concern over the question of possible misuse of aerosols by deliberate inhalation ("huffing") of the products, and it announced plans to launch a nationwide information and education campaign on the general problem.

The "PAM Club", in parts two and three of its petition, also had asked CPSC to ban all aerosols containing certain specific fluorocarbons as well as a ban on all aerosols which have caused more than three deaths from inhalation.

The Commission said its investigation of the "huffing" problem has shown that deliberate inhalation of aerosols primarily is associated with products which are not subject to CPSC jurisdiction and, therefore, parts two and three are denied without prejudice.

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