Release date: June 1, 1974
Release number: 74-044

Release Details

In May, the Commission invited all interested persons and organizations to submit their names for the volunteer roster, a list of individuals and groups willing to serve on standards development committees.

"While the Commission is eager for all interested consumers to become involved in standards development, we particularly need consumers with technical training," said Commissioner Lawrence Kushner. "There are many scientists, engineers and physicians across the country who have valuable experience and knowledge in a number of areas relating to product safety. Their input to standards development activities could be very useful. They are a previously untapped resource."

All persons or organizations on the lists will receive copies of Federal Register notices, news releases and other relevant materials regarding Commission standards development activities in areas of their expressed interest.

The Commission's action in maintaining the list is designed to broaden and encourage full public participation in standards development activities whether voluntary or mandatory standards are involved.

According to the Commission, making the list available should eliminate claims by some standards organizations that they always have welcomed consumer participation but were never able to locate interested, qualified persons who are willing to join in standards development activities.

Where appropriate, the Commission may agree to contribute to the cost of a volunteer's participation.

The Commission also is maintaining a list of persons and organizations that have expressed interest in offering to develop standards. Under procedures of the Consumer Product Safety Act, individuals, organizations including consumer organizations, government agencies, associations, institutions and industries may offer to develop proposed standards for products found in need of safety regulation.

Interested persons are invited to write the Office of the Secretary, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington, D.C. 20207. An indication of background, experience and interest would be welcomed to better enable standards development groups to select interested parties.

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