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CPSC Invites Offerors To Develop Pool Slide Standard

Release Date: June 26, 1974

In a Federal Register notice to be published June 28 the Commission invites all interested persons, including groups I associations and governmental agencies to submit an offer to develop a proposed safety standard or to submit an existing standard for Commission consideration. The Commission may select one or more offerors who are judged technically competent to direct and manage the standards development process.

The Commission estimates that 42,000 persons required hospital emergency room treatment last year for injuries associated with swimming pools in general. Some of the most serious injuries involved swimming pool slides.

Pool slides have been implicated in a number of permanently disabling injuries as a result of sliding down the slide head first and striking the bottom of the pool. Some swimmers have sustained leg fractures when sliding down feet first and hitting the bottom. Others have been injured by falling off the slide ladder or being hit by another person sliding down the slide.

On October 9, 1973, the Commission granted a petition from the National Swimming Pool Institute and the Aquaslide 'N Dive Corp. to commence proceedings to develop a consumer product safety rule for slides. Tests conducted at Nova University, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and at the University of Utah and outside reports of injuries received by the Commission were taken into account in determining that swimming pool water slides pose unreasonable risks of injury to consumers.

The Commission has stated that a standard for slides is the first step in a more comprehensive examination of hazards associated with swimming pools and their general environment. Pools and the pool environment may be the subject of future safety regulations.

The Federal Register notice will include information about the nature of the risks of injury, existing standards and procedures for submitting an existing standard or preparing an offer. Also included is information concerning financial contributions from the Commission to assist development of a more satisfactory standard.

Offerors must include a plan and method by which any interested persons, including consumers, consumer organizations, representatives of industry, government and the scientific and academic communities may participate in the standards development activities.

Offers must be received in the Office of the Secretary by July 29, 1974.

The development period for the proposed safety standard will end November 25, 1974, unless the Commission determines that a different length of time is appropriate.

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