We understand that small business owners sometimes need extra help figuring out which CPSC safety requirements apply to their products. While there is no "one size fits all" checklist of safety requirements, we have highlighted valuable resources below that can help both new and experienced small businesses learn more about CPSC’s safety requirements.

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About the Small Business Ombudsman 

The Small Business Ombudsman’s principal mission is to guide small businesses through CPSC’s complex regulatory landscape, to help them bring their products into compliance, and to resolve procedural issues with the agency.

Additional Small Business Resources

Small Business Education Videos

CPSC's Office of General Counsel Presents at 2016 ICPHSO Annual Meeting

March 09, 2016
CPSC Office of General Counsel staff discusses civil penalty guidance, jurisdictional and regulatory developments and federal cooperation.
Children’s Product Safety Rules for Diaper Manufacturers

December 24, 2012
CPSC's small business ombudsman discusses children's product safety rules as they apply to manufacturers of cloth diapers.
CPSC Public Workshop: Human and Environmental Exposure Assessment of Nanomaterials, Part 2

February 24, 2009
The workshop provided an open forum to facilitate effective communication among stakeholders about progress achieved in the Human and Environmental Exposure Assessment research category of the NNI's Strategy for Nanotechnology-Related Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Research (PDF), and about the path forward for addressing research needs in this category.
2012 Safety Academy: Section 6 (b)

September 20, 2012
Melissa Hampshire presents a summary of Section 6(b).
How to Find a CPSC-Accepted Laboratory to Test Your Children's Product

April 17, 2014
This video is designed to help businesses identify a CPSC-accepted lab that will conduct mandatory testing of the business' children's products.
Manufacturer Requirements: Tracking Labels, Children’s Product Certification, Third Party Testing, & Component Part Testing

January 24, 2012
CPSC's small business ombudsman talks about requirements related to tracking labels, children's product certification, third-party testing and component part testing.
2012 Safety Academy: Testing and Certification Basics

September 20, 2012
CPSC staff holds a panel discussion on consumer product testing and certification.
eFiling Alpha Pilot and Adult Wearing Apparel Exempt From Testing

April 13, 2016
A recording of the public meeting on the eFiling Alpha Pilot Adult Wearing Apparel Exemption - Disclaimer Options