FEBRUARY 26, 2013


  • The firm must place a recall link on their home page or on the first entry point to the firm's website.

  • The recall or safety information link is a button, text, scrolling message, or icon that takes the consumer directly to the recall information when clicked.

  • Place the link in a highly visible location on the website, not hidden in the fine print.

Recall Webpage

How do I post the Recall Link?

Product Recall Page

  • The product's recall page should be accessible within one click. Consumers should not have to search under layers of Web pages for recall information.

  • If a firm has multiple active recalls, the home page link should take consumers to a list of recalled products in chronological order. Each entry on the list must link to its own recall page.

  • No sales or marketing information (pop-up screens) can be included on the recall page.

  • The recall page can be created from the CPSC joint press release, the recall poster, or it can link to the press release posted on the CPSC's website.

  • CPSC encourages firms to make the page interactive to allow consumers to register online for the recall.

  • Post the recall information on the firm's website the same day the joint press release is issued by CPSC.

  • The website recall information must stay posted for the duration of the recall.

  • Any additional information posted on the website regarding the recall (i.e., consumers' most asked questions and answers) should be reviewed by Compliance staff prior to posting.

Recall Webpage