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Recall Notification Types

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Based on the nature of the hazard, defect and distribution of your recall (as discussed with the Compliance staff member handling your case), select multiple approaches categorized below to optimize the effectiveness of your recall.


  • Press Release or Recall Alert
    • If a Recall Alert, you must provide end‐user list and be able to directly contact all end users and verify that you were able to make contact
  • Website posting on the firm’s main website (prominent link to recall information on the main landing page)
  • Blog post on firm’s blog or recent product reviewer’s blog
  • Website registration for recall
  • Stop‐sale notification to all retailers, dealers, distributors, and websites
  • Email notification to all known end users
  • Email notification through retailer loyalty programs
  • Post recall information in online community forum
  • Investment in Search Engine Optimization or advertising for key word searches

Social Media/Apps:

  • Facebook post with photo of recalled product with link to press release/recall info
  • Use of recalling firm’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) with approved post including images, videos and links commensurate with the platform
  • In app, push notification on firm’s phone or tablet app

Brick and mortar:

  • In‐store retail notification/poster, placard, or another acceptable alternative
  • Window cling for drive‐through and store doors
  • For children’s products only, pediatrician posters


  • Radio announcement about the recall
  • Commercial/video news release about the recall
  • Newspaper or Magazine Ads about the recall
  • Bill stuffer
  • Notification of recall in regular catalog sent to consumers by the firm
  • Notification to teams/groups likely to use the recalled product (i.e. sports teams, new parent group)

Telephone/Mobile Phone:

  • Hotline or toll‐free number to contact firm about recall
  • Telephone calls to end users alerting them to the recall
  • SMS Text Messaging to register for recall

Last updated 9/2021 Compliance

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