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Recall Checklist

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The Recall Checklist is designed to help firms navigate the recall process. Not all items on this list will apply in all situations. Recalling firms may obtain additional guidance at by contacting your assigned Compliance staff member or sending an e‐mail to

Initiating a Recall

  • Report to CPSC if you have a reporting obligation
  • Stop production
  • Identify affected UPC, date codes, and model numbers
  • Isolate inventory
  • Notify distribution chain to stop sale and isolate products
  • Contact recipients of any in‐transit shipments of products
  • Determine remedy (full refund, repair, or replacement)
  • Test replacement or repair
  • Redesign future production to eliminate hazard
  • Enhance quality control measures
  • Change model/serial numbers of redesigned product
  • Add a permanent mark or new permanent labeling to distinguish reworked products from defective products
  • Relabel packaging of reworked products to distinguish from defective products
  • Draft a reverse logistics plan
  • Determine how returns will be processed at all levels of distribution

Recall Notice Documents and Related Items

  • Toll free number
  • Joint Press Release
  • Social Media Plan (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Link to recall information on Firm’s home page, recall information posted in Firm’s website
  • Retail Notification/Poster
  • Recall Hotline Questions and Answers, Customer Service Script, and/or FAQ
  • Individual letters to distribution chain (retailers, consumers, distributors)
  • Envelopes marked with “Important Safety Message” or “Safety Recall” (in red ink) for recall notice mailing
  • Contact information for all retailers, distributors, and consumers

After the Public Announcement

  • CPSC will monitor the recall by reviewing monthly reports, incoming complaints regarding the recall and products, and contacting retailers and/or consumers
  • Report monthly on recall participation as required
  • Keep recall notice information posted on the firm’s website indefinitely
  • Maintain prominent link to recall information on homepage
  • Keep retail notifications/posters up in retail locations for 120 days or longer
  • Consult frequently with Compliance staff working with you on the recall to avoid problems

Tips for Success

  • Designate a key company official to be the point of contact for handling details and escalated issues.
  • Stay on message (with language agreed to in joint press release). Don’t blame the consumer.
  • Support CPSC publicity efforts.
  • Use creative methods to promote the recall via:
    • Pediatrician or specialty posters;
    • Paid advertising;
    • Paid Digital/Social media;
    • Online or broadcast ready videos;
    • Recall flyers in accessory parts;
    • Listserv emails & text messages to customers
    • Messages on credit card statements and bills; and,
    • Announcements to customers on catalog, loyalty program, warranty, and service inquiry lists.

Last updated 9/2021 Compliance

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