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Learn About the Fast-Track Program

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CPSC Fast Track Recall Program



The new online business portal for the Fast Track Program can be found at:  

Businesses wishing to quickly remove potentially unsafe consumer products from the marketplace are encouraged to participate in CPSC’s Fast Track Recall Program.  The Fast Track Recall Program helps consumers by removing potentially hazardous products from the marketplace as quickly and efficiently as possible and rewards businesses that act quickly.  To participate in this program, a business must be prepared to implement a corrective action plan – including a consumer-level recall (refund, repair, or replacement).  In addition, the firm must immediately stop sale and distribution of the product. 

Businesses that successfully complete the Fast Track Program benefit in the following ways: 

  • CPSC staff will not make a preliminary determination (PD) that the product contains a defect that creates a substantial product hazard. 

  • By removing the product from commerce quickly, the potential for incidents and injuries to consumers/customers from potentially harmful products, and the occurrence of product liability claims or other lawsuits, may be reduced. 

  • Voluntary corrective action by the recalling business is completed much faster. 

  • Businesses are assigned a point of contact at CPSC, who will guide them through the recall process.  Office of Compliance staff assists first-time participants in the Fast Track Program and provides help to others who may need it throughout the recall process. 

Businesses that report potential product defects under Section 15(b) of the Consumer Product Safety Act can choose to initiate a Fast Track Recall during the initial filing process.  

The updated Section 15(b) reporting system for companies, now available at:, has a user-friendly interface that includes hover-over features and guidance for firms throughout the submission process.  Firms using the new site will also receive an emailed copy of all information submitted through the system to CPSC along with emailed case updates, deadline reminders, and the contact information of the CPSC staff handling their report. 

This system is also now mobile-friendly so users can submit reports and provide attachments, via their smart phones or tablets.  Businesses that participate in the Fast Track Recall Program will also review and approve a system-generated draft recall press release before submitting their report, to help expedite the overall recall process.   

Effective January 31, 2022, businesses wishing to participate in the Fast Track Recall Program will be required to submit their Section 15(b) reports exclusively online through the portal.  Reports received via email, fax, or mail for participation in a Fast Track Recall will be rejected after this date, and the firms will be directed to resubmit their reports via the online system instead. 

Although many of the new system features and its mandatory use apply specifically to Fast Track Recalls, non-Fast Track filers are strongly encouraged to use the updated online system as well. Users can easily file an initial report and can submit additional information and documents, if desired, using the system.  

Businesses still have the option of emailing their Section 15(b) reports report to through January 30, 2022.   

See our Fast Track Questions page for answers to common questions on the Fast Track Recall Program. 


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