SEPTEMBER 26, 2011

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) hosted the First North America Consumer Product Safety Summit on September 26-27, 2011, at CPSC Headquarters in Bethesda, MD.

The Summit provided an historic opportunity for product safety leaders in Mexico, Canada, and the United States to lay out their shared visions for enhanced consumer product safety cooperation among our countries. It also provided the opportunity to discuss trilateral initiatives and develop an agenda for future engagement that reflects the three jurisdictions' shared product safety priorities.

The Summit included public sessions and allow a wide range of stakeholders to participate in the question and answer sessions offered during the Summit. Topics covered during the public sessions included:

  • Managing Global Supply and Distribution Chains to Protect Consumers
  • Emerging Product Safety Issues and the Importance of International Coordination
  • Importance of Regulatory Coordination for Safety, Prosperity and Competitiveness in North America
  • Managing Consumer Product Safety Requirements in Multiple Jurisdictions
  • Private Sector Efforts on Standards Alignment

Welcome from Chairman Tenenbaum

First North America Consumer Product Safety Summit Press Release

Watch the Webcast from the Public Sessions