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FAQs For state and local officials

What is the CPSC state and local program?

Field operations is responsible for implementing the CPSC state and local program.  Our staff works with state and local authorities engaged in activities relating to health, safety, consumer protection, investigations, and educational programs to expand the reach of the CPSC to consumers across the country.  CPSC state designees serve as the product safety contacts around the nation to promote consumer product safety, consumer protection and injury prevention within the designee’s specific state.  


What is the role of the field staff in the state and local program?

Field staff work also with state and local officials to reduce consumer product related deaths and injuries through conducting compliance, education and outreach activities within the state.  We host and attend training workshops and share recall information and technical reports. Our work is in further support of the CPSC Community Outreach Program.  More information can be found at this link Community Outreach Resource Center |   Also, visit our Education Page which can be found at this link for more resources: Safety Education |

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