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For Buying and Selling Products Online

How does the field monitor e-commerce sales of consumer products?

We have a dedicated e-commerce team that monitors websites for recalled and banned products listed for sale. CPSC searches for new and used products that pose a safety hazard and should not be sold. When a recalled or banned product is identified, we have the website remove the sales listing.  This team also purchases suspect products that it finds for sale on various sites.  The team conducts deep-dive internet searches for reports of safety issues involving specific products.  This includes consumer reviews, tech review sites, forums, social media outlets, court records, or any other online source(s).


What if I purchase a product on-line and I think it is a safety hazard?

You should report the product through  Include the name of the website that you purchased the product from and any specific details you have about the product.


How do I know if a product is recalled?

Search for recalls at


What if I find a recalled product for sale on-line?

You should report the sale through  If you can, include a screenshot of the site and a link to the exact page where you found the product. You can also contact CPSC by phone at (800) 638-2772.


Is it okay to sell a recalled product if it’s in good shape and hasn’t caused me any problems?

No, selling recalled products is unlawful. Additionally, many online sales platforms specifically prohibit the sale of a recalled product.


Can I sell a recalled product if the item has been fixed with the remedy outlined in the public recall notice?

Yes, you can sell the product as long as the remedy has been applied. The sales listing should make it clear that the remedy is included.

Report an unsafe product