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Chairman’s Circle of Commendation Award FAQs

September 08, 2014

Who can submit a nomination? 

Any individual, residing in or outside of the United States, can nominate an individual, organization, or business by compiling a complete nomination packet and mailing it to:

Chairman’s Circle of Commendation Award
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
4330 East West Highway, Suite 725
Bethesda, Maryland 20814

Applications also can be submitted by e-mail to


Who can be nominated?

Qualifying candidates can be individuals, organizations, businesses, state or local governments or other groups residing in or outside of the United States. The award will focus on individuals from these groups who have made an impact.


What are the requirements for submission?

  • Nomination form (pdf) cover page
  • One (1) page (maximum) description of the individual or organization
  • Two (2) page (maximum) description of how, and to what extent, the nominee has contributed to improving consumer product safety
  • One (1) page (maximum) summary of any additional information that should be considered by the panel, including any grants received or other recognition of the nominee’s achievements in the area of product safety
  • Up to three (3) letters of support or three (3) pages maximum of other supporting documents


What is the closing date for nominations?

Sept. 30, 2014.  Only nominations received on or before this date will be considered.


Can I make changes to information after it has been submitted?

Please notify the nominating panel of any important changes or additions to the information supplied on the nomination form. If circumstances relating to the nominee or nomination change in any significant way that is likely to affect the panel’s consideration of the nominee, please notify the advisory panel at


Can people submit letters of support?

Letters can be submitted in support of a nomination by those with knowledge of the nominee’s contributions to advancing consumer product safety. Please limit each letter of support to one (1) page as part of your supporting documents.


Will nominations be acknowledged?

Yes. Receipt of the nomination form and supporting materials will be acknowledged via e-mail.


What is the nomination review process?

After the closing date, a panel of CPSC staff will review the qualifying nominations received on or before Aug. 1, 2014. The panel will then make recommendations to the CPSC Chairman, who will assess the recommendations and make final selections for the award. The awardees will be announced and the award will be presented at a date to be determined.


How many awardees will be selected?

The Chairman has sole discretion to select one or more candidates nominated for an award.


Can I submit an unsuccessful nomination for future awards?

Yes. If your nominee is not selected for an award, you will not be precluded from resubmitting your nomination, updated as appropriate, during the next nomination cycle.


Is this award an endorsement?

No. Although it is permissible to publicize receipt of the award under limited circumstances, recipients may not use the Chairman’s Circle of Commendation Award in an advertisement, new product announcement, sales or promotional literature, or in any other manner such that consumers would likely conclude that the Chairman or the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission or the U.S. Government has endorsed any individual, organization, company, service or product.


Other Questions?

If you need assistance with completing the nomination packet or have any additional questions, please send an e-mail to

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