J. Crew Recalls Baby Coveralls Due to Choking Hazard (Recall Alert)

Snaps on the baby coveralls in sizes newborn to 3T can detach.

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Baby Coveralls

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Snaps on the coveralls can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children.

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J. Crew Group, Inc. at (800) 261-7422 anytime daily, by email at 24-7@jcrew.com or online at www.jcrew.com/baby and click on “Important Notice” for more information.

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About 8,700

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This recall involves all styles of J. Crew Holiday 2013 and Spring 2014 baby coveralls in sizes newborn to 3T. The coveralls were sold in various colors and designs including prints and stripes. A care label sewn into the inside left seam of the garment reads either “HO’ 13” or “SP ’14,” and lists the PO number and style number. PO and style numbers included in the recall are:


PO number: 5046152, Style # 05578, SP’14

PO number: 5046153, Style #A3413, SP’14

PO number: 5046154, Style #A3415, SP’14

PO number: 5046155, Style #A3412, SP’14

PO number: 5046156, Style #A3390, SP’14

PO number: 5046157, Style #A3395, SP’14 

PO number: 5046158, Style #A3388, SP’14

PO number: 8041216, Style #08664, HO’13

PO number: 8041362, Style #08661, HO’13

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The firm has received eight reports of snaps detaching. No injuries have been reported.

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Consumers should immediately stop using the coveralls and contact J. Crew Group, Inc. for full refund. Consumers who purchased the garments online will receive instructions for returning the coveralls. J.Crew is contacting consumers who bought the coveralls directly.

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J.Crew stores in New York and California, online at jcrew.com and the J.Crew catalog from October 2013 to March 2014 for about $30.

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J. Crew Group Inc., of New York, N.Y.

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  • J.Crew Classic Stripe Baby Coveralls

  • J.Crew George Stripe Baby Coveralls

  • J.Crew Pin Heart Baby Coveralls