Teavana Recalls Glass Tea Tumblers Due To Laceration and Burn Hazards

Teavana has received about 300 reports of the glass tumblers breaking or shattering unexpectedly.

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[Missing text /cpscGlobals/recallsboilerplates/recalldate for vi-VN]: Tháng Năm 30, 2013
[Missing text /cpscGlobals/recallsboilerplates/recallnumber for vi-VN]: 13-205
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  • Akira Tumbler

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    Akira Tumbler

  • Clouds Tumbler

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    Clouds Tumbler

  • Harmony Tumbler

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    Harmony Tumbler

  • Izmir Tumbler

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    Izmir Tumbler

  • Rhapsody Tumbler

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    Rhapsody Tumbler

  • Six Dragons Tumbler

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    Six Dragons Tumbler

  • Flourish Tumbler Set

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    Flourish Tumbler Set

  • Symphony Tumbler

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    Symphony Tumbler

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Teavana Glass Tea Tumblers

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The glass tea tumblers can break or shatter unexpectedly, posing laceration and burn hazards.

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Teavana toll-free at (877) 261-1509 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday (or other times to leave a message), or visit the firm’s website at www.Teavana.com, and click on “Glass Tumbler Recall” for more information.

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About 445,000 in the U.S, and 24,850 in Canada

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The glass tea tumblers are double-walled beverage glasses. Most models have removable stainless steel tea infuser baskets, removable lids, and ornamental etchings on the inner wall. The tumblers were packaged in color-coordinated cylindrical packages with the SKU number and UPC code found on a sticker on the bottom of the package. Some of the models with a lid were sold as part of a tea gift set. Only one model was sold without a lid or tea infuser basket and was sold in a set of four glasses. The products come in the following model names, SKU/product codes and UPC codes:





Akira Travel RED 14 oz.

30921 600 014


Clouds Travel CPR 14 oz.

31253 219 014


Flourish Iced Tea Glasses 12 oz.

(sold as set, 4 no-lid glasses)

30123 000 012



Harmony Glass Double Wall 11 oz.




Izmir Travel GRN 14 oz.

30922 300 014


Lotus Travel PUR 14 oz.

31254 500 014


Rhapsody Glass Double Wall 16 oz.




Six Dragons Double Wall 11 oz.

10004568 000 011


Six Dragons Double Wall 16 oz.

10004568 000 016


Symphony Double Wall 8 oz.





Tamira Travel BLU 14 oz.

30920 400 014





Imperial Blooming Collection Tea Sets
with 2 Harmony 11oz.Tumblers

30331 000 000


Imperial Blooming Collection Tea Sets

with 2 Symphony 8 oz. Tumblers



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Teavana has received approximately 302 reports of the glass breaking or shattering, including six reports of lacerations and burns when the tumblers broke during use.
Injuries include cut fingers and legs and burned toes.

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Consumers should immediately stop using the glass tea tumblers and return them to a Teavana store location (except for three stores; Columbia Mall, Columbia, Maryland; Dallas Fort Worth Airport, Arlington, Texas; or Galleria Mall, Fort Lauderdale, Florida) for a free replacement metallic tea tumbler and a complimentary 2 oz. package of Opus Rouge Rooibos Tea. Consumers returning tumblers or glasses sold as part of sets will receive a replacement tumbler and package of tea for each tumbler or glass in that set. Consumers may also mail the tumblers or glasses to Teavana by calling the company and requesting a pre-paid mailer that will be sent at no cost to the consumer for returning the recalled tumblers or glasses. A free replacement metallic tumbler plus the complimentary tea will be sent at no charge upon receipt of the returned tumblers or glasses.

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Teavana stores and online at Teavana.com from August 2007 through May 2013 for about $15 to $33 for the individual tumblers, for about $40 for the Flourish Iced Tea Glasses Sets, and for about $80 to $100 for the Imperial Blooming Collection Tea Sets. 

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Teavana Corporation, of Atlanta, Ga.

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Shaanxi Cathay Import and Export Corporation, Anhui Fuguang Industrial Co., Ltd., and Hong Tai Yang Glass Product Co., of China 

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  • Akira Tumbler

  • Clouds Tumbler

  • Harmony Tumbler

  • Izmir Tumbler

  • Rhapsody Tumbler

  • Six Dragons Tumbler

  • Flourish Tumbler Set

  • Symphony Tumbler