Budget and Performance

Before the start of each fiscal year, CPSC submits a budget request to Congress. Once Congress appropriates funds to the agency, we present an operating plan based on that budget. Annual performance reports are written when the fiscal year ends. These show how the agency performed in relation to the targets laid out in the operating plan.  

2011-2016 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The current Strategic Plan lays out the vision to make CPSC the global leader in consumer product safety.  To achieve this, CPSC is initiating more proactive and preventative programs. 

Performance Budget Requests

CPSC's annual performance budget request is submitted to Congress as part of the President's budget in February. The agency's budget submission describes cost estimates and budgetary resources requested to implement all agency programs and activities along with the most important performance goals and indicators used to monitor progress towards achievement of the agency's strategy.

Annual Operating Plans

CPSC's annual operating plan provides detailed information on all program activities and strategies set forth in the agency budget process along with specific performance targets and key milestones.

Annual Performance Reports

CPSC’s annual performance report provides information on the agency’s progress toward achieving the goals and objectives described in the agency’s Strategic Plan and annual performance plan. For FY 2012 and prior years, CPSC delivered the annual performance report as the performance section of the annual Performance and Accountability Report (PAR), published in November of the same calendar year. For FY 2013, CPSC’s annual performance report will be delivered to Congress in February 2014 with the 2015 Performance Budget Request.