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African Americans in Consumer Product Safety: Constance B. Newman

Constance B. NewmanConstance B. Newman: The Starting Five

Once the newly formed Consumer Product Safety Commission opened its doors in 1973, there was an immediate need for distinguished leadership, passion, and experience at the agency. Mrs. Constance B. Newman was a perfect fit for the job. She and David Pittle, Barbara Hackman Franklin, Lawrence M. Kushner, and Richard O. Simpson, were the “starting five” Commissioners.

Newman served as a Commissioner and Vice Chairman from 1973 through 1976. She is best known by her former colleagues as a passionate woman who focused on a broad range of product safety issues and took seriously her leadership role in a new and emerging agency.

Before her time with CPSC, Mrs. Newman was the Director of VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America). Her extensive experience in developing and managing policies and programs for the federal government, the District of Columbia, and international organizations contributed greatly to serving minority and vulnerable populations, including African Americans and Native Americans.

As an Assistant Director at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Newman focused on consumer issues for Native Americans and the elderly. She later co-founded the Newman and Hermanson Company, a consulting firm specializing in government regulatory procedures.

Newman’s time and dedication to consumer safety is remembered and appreciated.

Thank you, Mrs. Constance B. Newman.

This is the second of seven profiles of African Americans who made significant contributions to product safety in the United States.

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African Americans in Consumer Product Safety: Henry Aaron Hill

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) was created in 1972 as a result of Congress passing and President Nixon signing the Consumer Product Safety Act. From its beginning, the agency has been charged with protecting the public from unreasonable risks of injury or death associated with thousands of types of consumer products. In observance of Black History Month, CPSC recognizes African American leaders in product safety and applauds their contributions.

Henry Aaron HillHenry Aaron Hill: Keeping us safe from flammability hazards before there was a CPSC

Before the Consumer Product Safety Commission was created, there first was the National Commission on Product Safety, established in 1967. This is where we meet Mr. Henry Aaron Hill.

Hill was a pioneer in chemistry, focusing on polymer and fabric flammability. Hill helped birth the new polymer-products industry that introduced familiar products such as nylon and Teflon.

After forming his own company, National Polychemicals, Inc., Hill was appointed by President Lyndon Johnson to serve on the National Commission on Product Safety where he and the Commission recommended the creation of an independent federal regulatory agency to serve as an advocate for the consumer. Hill and the Commission also recommended that the new agency have the authority to issue mandatory safety standards for consumer products.

Hill’s passion for consumer safety and government accountability show in his comments about the Flammable Fabrics Act in 1970:

“The Federal Government’s approach to the problem has been ‘piecemeal, narrowly conceived and…highly ineffective.’ Since the 1967 fabrics law was passed, no new flammability standards have been promulgated. The [Health, Education, and Welfare] HEW Department has produced only one of the required annual reports to the President and Congress, and that was a year late. The Government continues to purchase flammable fabrics and clothing for its own use. Mandatory Federal standards for selected fabric items are necessary and long overdue.”

Following Hill’s time with the Commission, he became the first African American to be elected president of the American Chemical Society, an organization of chemistry and science professionals. With his vast knowledge of chemicals used in consumer products, Hill made a remarkable contribution to the safety of the African American community and the nation.

Thank you, Mr. Henry Aaron Hill.

This is the first of seven profiles of African Americans who made significant contributions to product safety in the United States.

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Product Registration Cards: Think safety, not marketing

“Crib mattresses recalled due to risk of entrapment.” “Seven million brewing systems recalled due to burn hazard.” “Millions of popular strollers recalled due to fingertip amputation hazard to children.”

Headlines like these stream across the Internet and appear on TV almost weekly.  But, hearing or seeing a media headline about a product recall is different than getting a direct notice from a recalling company.

Here at CPSC, we know that direct notice—whether it be a phone call, an email, or a letter—is the best way to encourage you to take advantage of a recall to repair, replace, or refund.  And, one of the best tools that companies can use to reach you in the event of a recall is product registration cards.

Thanks to the “Danny Keysar Child Product Safety Notification Act,” today’s registration cards for infant and toddler products are not to be used for marketing.  The information requested, including the brand and model of the product and your e-mail address, must only be used to notify you in the event of a recall.

These registration cards can help improve the effectiveness of recalls, which is a challenge that our Chairman recently discussed with ABC News.  So we have a simple but important message to deliver to parents, childcare centers and other businesses: when you purchase a juvenile product, fill out the card.

Whether you use the card that comes with the product or register online, our message is the same: take the time to fill it out.

Success in this effort will mean that babies, toddlers, and young children will not be exposed to dangerous or defective products after they have been recalled. Parents, caregivers, and businesses will be notified, they will respond, and we will prevent a tragedy like the one that happened to Danny Keysar.

CPSC is not alone is spreading the word about registration cards.  The Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association has a valuable campaign called, “It’s not hard! Fill out the card!” Please check out their materials at: http://jpma.org/content/parents/registration-cards.  Also, Kids In Danger and the Consumer Federation of America have teamed up to provide families with a list of manufacturers that have product registration pages online: www.kidsindanger.org/productregistration.

In recent years, a new generation of safer juvenile products—including cribs, play yards, bassinets, strollers, and infant carriers—have entered the marketplace, thanks to new federal safety standards.  But, there is still the occasional recall of an infant or baby product.  To make sure you are notified in such a situation, you should fill out the card!

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阿里巴巴博客 去年11月, 艾略特· F·凯伊主席敦促某些网址为防止在他们, 或通过他们的网址销售危险和被召回消费品而承担更大的责任, 这一行动在美国多家媒体成为头条新闻。今天, 凯伊主席作出重大宣布, 委员会(CPSC)和全世界最大的电子和移动电子商务公司阿里巴巴控股集团有限公司为保障消费品安全自愿合作。

凯伊主席在出席香港玩具展时称赞这一总部在中国的电子商务巨人承诺与CPSC合作, 不让在美国违规或被召回的产品落入美国的买家手中。

根据双方的这一安排, 阿里巴巴集团与CPSC建立直线联系。公司保证将与CPSC合作, 应CPSC要求, 它将迅速制止通过阿里巴巴集团的平台向美国买家出售违规或被召回的产品。公司并将在网上很快上载针对美国进口商的产品安全要求相关信息。

阿里巴巴集团还同意在其企业对企业(B2B)平台上设立联系点, 导引美国进口商查询高风险消费品的安全标准。

凯伊主席说, “随着越来越多的公司和消费者将企业网上化, 阿里巴巴集团的这一决定对美国消费者和他们的安全来说是一个胜利。公司这一朝前看的做法帮助阻止危险和被召回消费品落入毫无戒备的消费者的手中。”

阿里巴巴集团在2014年一年内有三亿多活跃在市场上的买家, 它是第三方交易平台。阿里巴巴并不从事直接交易, 不和商家竞争, 或储存商品。
阿里巴巴集团的企业事务副总裁吉姆·威尔金森表示, “我们感到很荣幸和自豪, 在采取这一保障消费者的重大措施上与CPSC合作。凯伊主席是一位有着不遗余力保护消费者的最佳记录的强有力领袖。我们期待与凯伊主席和他的团队合作, 为保护消费者尽最大的努力。”
CPSC也与其他电子商务市场密切合作, 以保障美国消费者在使用电子商务时的安全。

凯伊主席是在香港出席世界最大的玩具工业展之一时作出这一宣布的。1月14日,  凯伊主席将对出席玩具展的玩具公司主管, 设计商和生产商发表演讲。凯伊主席在就职后首次访问国外生产点时要传达的信息包括: “所有的消费者, 不管他们居住在何处, 都应该享有他们所购买的产品是高质量, 高安全产品的权利, 尤其当产品是儿童玩具。作为一个家长和美国消费品管理机构的最主要官员, 我拥有这样的信念。”

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Compañía de comercio por Internet Alibaba Group y CPSC trabajan juntos en pro de la seguridad del consumidor

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Logo de Alibaba Group El pasado noviembre, Elliot F. Kaye, presidente de la Comisión de Seguridad de Productos del Consumidor (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, CPSC, por su nombre y siglas en inglés) ocupó los titulares de prensa en toda la nación al instar a ciertos sitios de Internet a tomar mayor responsabilidad para prevenir la venta en sus sitios web de productos del consumidor peligrosos, que han sido retirados del mercado. Hoy, el presidente anunció una colaboración voluntaria en pro de la seguridad del consumidor sin precedentes entre CPSC y Alibaba Group Holding Group Limited, la empresa más grande de comercio en línea y móvil del mundo.

Durante la Feria de juegos y juguetes de Hong Kong, Kaye elogió el compromiso del gigante de comercio online con base en China a cooperar con la CPSC para que productos ilegales o retirados del mercado en Estados Unidos no estén disponibles a compradores que se identifiquen como ubicados en EE. UU.

Bajo el acuerdo, el Alibaba Group ha establecido una línea de contacto directo para CPSC. La se comprometió a trabajar ágilmente con la CPSC en peticiones para bloquear la venta de productos del consumidor ilegales y retirados a compradores de EE. UU. en las plataformas de Alibaba Group. La información respecto a la seguridad de productos para importadores de estadounidenses también estará disponible en las plataformas de Alibaba Group en los próximos días.

Alibaba también accedió a crear puntos de acceso en plataformas entre empresas (de empresa a empresa, o Business to Business, B2B, por su nombre y siglas en inglés) que proporcionarían a importadores de EE. UU. referencia a información sobre normas de seguridad para productos del consumidor de mayor riesgo.

“Con un número cada vez mayor de empresas y consumidores que realizan comercio electrónico, la decisión de Alibaba de implementar estas nuevas políticas es una victoria para los consumidores estadounidenses y su seguridad”, afirmó el presidente Kaye. El enfoque a la vanguardia de la empresa con respecto a esto, ayudará a prevenir que productos peligrosos y retirados del mercado lleguen a consumidores desprevenidos.”

Alibaba Group tenía más de 300 millones de compradores activos anuales en 2014 y opera sus sitios como una plataforma para terceros. Alibaba no participa directamente en ventas, no compite con comerciantes ni cuenta con un inventario.

“Nos complace y enorgullece el trabajar con la CPSC en estas medidas importantes y serias para la protección del consumidor. El presidente Kaye es un líder fuerte con un excelente récord de resultados comprobados en cuanto a la protección de consumidores en EE. UU. Esperamos trabajar de forma colaborativa con el presidente y su equipo para hacer todo lo posible por proteger a los consumidores”, declaró Jim Wilkinson, Vicepresidente Senior de Asuntos Corporativos de Alibaba Group.

La CPSC también trabaja en conjunto con otros mercados en línea para salvaguardar la seguridad de consumidores en EE. UU. en el mercado online.

La declaración de Kaye en Hong Kong sucedió durante su visita a uno de los eventos más grandes de la industria de juguetes. El 14 de enero, el presidente hablará a lo que se espera sea un salón repleto de ejecutivos de jugueterías, diseñadores y fabricantes de juguetes. En su primera visita a un centro de producción desde que se convirtió en presidente en julio del 2014, el mensaje de Kaye incluirá comunicarle a la industria de juguetes: “Todos los consumidores, sin importar dónde viven, se merecen un producto con calidad y seguridad, especialmente cuando se trata de juguetes para sus hijos. Estoy convencido de esto, tanto como padre, como regulador principal para la seguridad de los productos del consumidor en Estados Unidos”.

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