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Halloween Carving: Do You Make the Cut?

Many of you want to get elaborate this year. We’ve seen those super-cool pumpkins with detailed carvings, too …

Elaborately carved halloween pumpkin of a howling dog

And while we aren’t saying Boo to those carving cravings, please beware of doing a hatchet job to fingers.

Girl scooping pumpkin with a spoon

Give the child a spoon. Let her scoop. Give her a crayon. Let her draw

Keep the sharp tools in adult hands. Choose them carefully.

Adult carving smiley face pumpkin with a halloween carving tool. Pumpkin is on a flat table.

Light the pumpkins with something battery-operated, like Battery-operated light bulb or flashlight. Don’t use an open flame.

Lit Smiling Halloween pumpkins

Keep it happy, not hurtful. Use our three-step safety check to ensure your fright night fun is not haunted by Halloween injuries.

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