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Keep Baby Monitor Cords Out of Reach

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Baby Monitor Cords Safety Alert

Your baby is here and you’ve got the nursery set up: the crib, the changing table, the baby monitor.

But wait. Is the baby monitor in a safe place? Does it have a cord near the crib?

If so, read on:

CPSC is warning parents and caregivers about the dangers of placing baby monitors too close to cribs, bassinets and play yards. Babies can and have been strangled by baby monitor cords.

Since 2004, CPSC has received six reports of infants who were strangled by baby monitor cords that were placed too close to a crib. In the most recent death—in March 2010—a 10-month-old girl from Washington, D.C., pulled a camera monitor into her crib and was strangled by the cord.

Regardless of whether your baby is mobile or standing, be sure to:

  • Use a wireless baby monitor to avoid risk of strangulation, or
  • Make sure the cords on your corded monitor are out of arm’s reach of your baby, and
  • Check to make sure no other cords (on lamps, nightlights, radios, and window coverings) are near your baby’s sleep environment.
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