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2.5 Million Push Toys Recalled; Handle Detaches

Push Around Buggy Whisper Ride Buggy
Step2 Push Around Buggy Step2 Whisper Ride Buggy

If you’ve got a Step2 push toy, now’s a good time to pay attention. First, take a look at your Push Around and Whisper Ride Buggies.

Does your buggy have a yellow knob on the pin that attaches the handle? If so, this recall applies to you. If not, this recall does not apply to you.

Here’s what happens with the yellow-knobbed buggies. The yellow-knobbed pin attaching the handle of the buggy can loosen, causing the handle to detach from the buggy.

If the handle detaches, a parent can lose control of the buggy.

If you own this toy, stop using it until you install Step2’s free repair kit. To get the kit, contact Step2 toll-free at (866) 860-1887 between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday or visit the firm’s website at www.step2.com.

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