Carbon Monoxide Poster Contest Winners

CPSC is sponsoring a national wide carbon monoxide safety poster contest to help warn people about the dangers of CO.

CO Poster Contest

We challenged middle school students to create posters warning people about the dangers of poisonous carbon monoxide (CO). Did students ever step up to the challenge! We received 700 poster entries – a record number!


Meet the winners of CPSC’s 2015 carbon monoxide poster contest!
Watch the video of the winning posters.




Frankie, 8th grade, California


Talia, 8th grade, Pennsylvania


Nisa, 8th grade, Florida


Tanjina, 7th grade, New York


Lydia, 7th grade, Maryland


Revathi, 7th grade, Illinois


Eric, 6th grade, Virginia


Katherine, 6th grade, Pennsylvania


Darcy, 6th grade, North Carolina



Josephine, 6th grade, Oregon


Prizes Awarded to the Winners:

  • Three 6th grade winners: $500 each 
  • Three 7th grade winners: $500 each 
  • Three 8th grade winners: $500 each 
  • One public vote winner: $500
  • One grand prize winner: An extra $1,000 (chosen from the finalists)