Carbon Monoxide Poster Contest

CPSC is sponsoring a national wide carbon monoxide safety poster contest to help warn people about the dangers of CO.

CO Poster Contest


Alert! Middle school students wanted! Create a cool poster. Warn people about dangers of poisonous carbon monoxide (CO). Stop the invisible killer! Save lives! Win prize money! 

CPSC is sponsoring a nationwide carbon monoxide safety poster contest to help warn people about the dangers of CO. Create a poster about the dangers of carbon monoxide. Possible topics include: 

  • Facts about CO: You cannot see it or smell it. It is an invisible Killer; 
  • What steps you can take to protect against CO  poisoning; 
  • How to recognize CO exposure and symptoms;
  • How to install and test CO alarms and why they are important. 


  • Three 6th grade winners: $500 each 
  • Three 7th grade winners: $500 each 
  • Three 8th grade winners: $500 each 
  • One public vote winner: $500
  • One grade prize winner: An extra $1,000 (chosen from the finalists) 

Posters will be posted on CPSC's website and social media sites! Vote for your favorite! 


Who Can Enter?

The contest is open to U.S. residents in grades six, seven, or eight.  Posters must be created by the middle school student, on the student’s own, without help from family, friends or others.

Children of CPSC employees are not eligible to enter. 


Important: To enter your poster into the contest, we need your parent or guardian to fill out an application form and submit this Contest Submission and Parental Consent Form along with your poster.


Note for Middle School Teachers: This poster contest is a fun and educational science or art project for your students.  If teachers wish to submit posters from students, teachers must have parents sign the Contest Submission and Parental Consent Form for their child and submit those forms with the posters.


How to Enter: 

  • Ask your parent or guardian for permission to enter the poster contest.
  • If your parent or guardian says “yes,” have your parent or guardian fill out the Contest Submission and Parental Consent Form. THIS IS IMPORTANT!
  • Scan your (1) poster and your (2) Contest Submission and Parental Consent Form as jpg or pdfs.  Jpgs are preferred. Each file must be no larger than 1MB, if possible. 
  • Submit your poster and Contest Submission and Parental Consent Form to the contest online at:  Only one entry per person, please.


Poster Guidelines: Artwork must be created solely by the student and must be original work by the child entering the contest. Artwork cannot have been submitted for a previous CPSC poster contest or previously published. Submitted artwork may not contain any elements that violate a third party’s copyright or trademark rights. To maintain privacy, entrants should not put their name or any personal information on the poster. If there is identifying information on the poster, CPSC will remove the information before posting. Do not use CPSC’s logo or seal on the poster.


Deadline for Entries: Participants may submit entries to CPSC between July 14, 2014 and February 27, 2015. Only one poster per child may be submitted, and all entries must be received no later than February 27, 2015.


Judging Criteria and Prizes: Posters will be evaluated on:

  • CO safety message clarity;
  • Visual appeal;
  • Design originality

For each grade level, three finalists will be selected. One additional winner will be chosen by a public vote on CPSC’s website. One grand prize winner will be chosen from all 10 finalists. The parents/guardians of the winners will be notified by telephone or by e-mail on or about May 1, 2015.  All decisions by the judges are final.


For Students: Make sure to look at CPSC’s Web page on carbon monoxide dangers at:  Remember–this contest is about CO, which stands for carbon monoxide, which is dangerous. This contest is NOT about CO2, which stands for carbon dioxide and which is in the air we breathe.  In addition, take a look at the winning posters from our last contest at:


For Teachers: You can also submit posters to the contest that are created by your students. This would make a great classroom project.  Just make sure to SUBMIT, along with the artwork, a completed Contest Submission and Parental Consent Form for each student from each student’s parent or guardian.  Only one submission per student.  All entries must be submitted online at our website: We are not accepting hard copies of posters this year.


Legal Stuff: The complete contest rules and legal requirements are at: By submitting an entry to the Contest, each contestant, and each contestant’s parent or guardian, acknowledges reading the contest rules, confirms the contestant’s eligibility to participate in the contest, and acknowledges the contestant’s agreement to be bound by the contest rules. 


Contest Questions & Inquiries: 

For questions, contact CPSC at: