Extreme Engineering Recalls Wall Climbing Cable Assemblies Due to Fall Hazard

June 9, 2006
Alert #06-555


Firm's Media Contact: Aaron Shook, (916) 663-1560

Extreme Engineering Recalls Wall Climbing Cable Assemblies Due to Fall Hazard


The following product safety recall was voluntarily conducted by the firm in cooperation with the CPSC.

Name of Product: Cable Assemblies (used in wall climbing)

Units: About 400

Manufacturer: Extreme Engineering, of Newcastle, Calif.

Hazard: The cable eye, or round metal tube that holds the cable, could have a fracture, reducing the overall strength of the cable assembly. If the cable assembly were to fail, this would result in a free-fall hazard for the climber.

Incidents/Injuries: None reported.

Description: These cable assemblies are used by wall climbers in auto-belay and auto-zip devices to prevent a climber from free-falling. The cable assemblies are made up of a stainless steel cable eye, and 1/4-inch galvanized wire rope. The recalled cable assemblies have a date codes 1-06, 2-06, or 3-06 etched onto the cable eye.

Sold at: Extreme Engineering's Web site and catalog from January 2006 through March 2006 for about $200 to $400.

Manufactured In: United States

Remedy: Consumers should stop using the recalled cable assemblies immediately and contact Extreme Engineering to arrange for inspection details and possible replacement of the cable assembly.

Consumer Contact: For more information, call Extreme Engineering collect at (916) 663-1560 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday, visit the firm's Web site at www.extremeengineering.com, or e-mail the firm at info@extremeengineering.com - Extreme Engineering announced this recall on April 14, 2006.


Picture of Recalled Cable Assembly

Picture of Recalled Cable Assembly