CPSC, Industry Officials Join Together In Landmark Conference To Promote Product Safety

March 28, 1995
Release Number: 95099

Ann Brown, chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, met today with corporate leaders from around the country to forge a new "creative partnership" designed to help companies boost corporate profits by selling safer products.

Chairman Brown met with business executives at a unique day-long conference sponsored by CPSC. The conference, "Safety Sells," marked a turning point in CPSC and industry relations, the chairman noted.

"At CPSC, we believe that safer products are more than an emerging business trend," the chairman said at the event. "We are acknowledging that business profitability and safe products can go hand-in-hand. Marketing safety is here to stay."

Some 200 corporate and government officials attended the conference, which was held at a Washington hotel. Speakers from companies that manufacture products ranging from toys to pain killers gave detailed presentations on the success they have found marketing safety as a product feature. Among the scheduled presenters were Michael Goldstein, CEO of Toys "R" Us; Alan Hassenfeld, chairman and CEO of Hasbro Inc.; Gordon F. Brunner, senior vice president of the Procter & Gamble Company; Albert Dowden, president and CEO of Volvo North America Corp. and John Hetterick, president and CEO, Rollerblade, Inc.

The chairman noted that the conference reflected her commitment to find common ground with industry. "For so long, it seemed that government and industry might have been at cross purposes," she said. "But in fact, as we've seen today, the goal of safety is one we both share."

"We hope you will implement the idea that safety can be a profitable marketing strategy in your own companies," the chairman told business officials at the conference. "Please, call us, talk to us, keep the dialogue going. Let us know how we can help you sell safety."

Chairman Brown closed with a "friendly challenge" for industry: "Be even more profitable by making even safer products," she said. "Be the first in your industry to market safety and watch the others follow."