Message From The Chairman

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is an independent agency dedicated to protecting the American public from injuries and deaths associated with consumer products. To help us accomplish this lifesaving mission, we are looking for people who are talented, creative, energetic, enthusiastic, and who can contribute to our goals as individuals and as team members.


I have identified three major areas of focus for a common sense approach to serving as Chairman. First, I want CPSC to be more accessible and transparent to parents and consumers. By creating an electronic database of product incident reports that consumers can search and by collaborating with state and local agencies and consumer groups, the Agency can give the public confidence that CPSC is working openly and in their best interest.


Second, education and advocacy are a priority. My background is in public education and I believe strongly that all consumers should be informed about product hazards, especially those that impact children. I encourage every consumer to log on to and sign up to receive free e-mail alerts about recalls.


Third, I am committed to enforcing the law and working to keep dangerous imports out of the hands of consumers. Parents should know that CPSC will improve the standards for toys and durable nursery products to help keep kids safe. We will also create a system that uses third party laboratories, tracking labels, and CPSC staff at major ports, to do our part to ensure that product imports are safe and comply with U.S. safety rules.


Please join with us as the Commission continues to save lives by fostering a marketplace where consumer products are as free as possible from defects and hidden hazards. We offer exciting and challenging work. To be ready for the future, we need talented employees to help us develop and refine the many strategies that will help us keep pace with the growing number and complexity of products that enter interstate commerce.


Again, I encourage you to become a part of our team and because we are a small community I am sure I will see you as we work together to assure the public that they are safe from hazardous products.

Chairman Inez Tenenbaum