Draft RCA: Reopening for the Comment Period - CPSC Workshop on Potential Ways to Reduce Third Party Testing Costs Through Determinations Consistent with Assuring Compliance

The Commission voted to reopen the comment period regarding the CPSC workshop on ways to reduce third party testing costs
May 14, 2014

Record of Commission Action

(Briefing Package dated May 7, 2014)



The Commission voted unanimously (3-0) to approve publication of the notice in the Federal Register, as drafted, announcing the reopening of the comment period until July 16, 2014 for comments on the CPSC workshop on potential ways to reduce third party testing costs through determinations consistent with assuring compliance.


Commissioners Voting

Commissioners voting by ballot. Ballot vote due May 13, 2014
(Voting completed and recorded on May 13, 2014.)

  • Acting Chairman Robert S. Adler
  • Commissioner Marietta S. Robinson
  • Commissioner Ann Marie Buerkle