Draft RCA: Recommendation to Terminate ATV Action Plan of Galaxy Powersports LLC dba JCL International LLC

The Commission voted to approve the recommendation of the staff to terminate the ATV action plan of Galaxy Powersports LLC dba JCL International LLC, because the firm failed to fufill its obligations under the ATV action plan.
March 11, 2014

Record of Commission Action

(Briefing package dated March 5, 2014, OS No. 3004)



The Commission voted unanimously (3-0) to terminate Galaxy Powersports, LLC d/b/a JCL International, LLC’s all-terrain vehicle (ATV) Action Plan.  


Commissioners Voting

Commissioners voting by ballot. Ballot vote due March 11, 2014


  • Acting Chairman Robert S. Adler
  • Commissioner Marietta S. Robinson
  • Commissioner Ann Marie Buerkle