Draft RCA: Petition Requesting Exception from Lead Content Limits: BIC USA Inc.; Reopening of the Comment Period

This record of Commission vote is to extend the public comment period regarding the BIC petition for an exception to the lead limits for its pens.
February 25, 2014

Record of Commission Action

(Briefing package Feb. 18, 2014) 



The Commission voted unanimously (3-0) to approve publication of the draft notice in the Federal Register reopening the comment period on a petition submitted by BIC USA requesting an exception to the 100 ppm lead content limit under section 101(b) of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA), as amended by Public Law 112-28.


Commissioners Voting

Commissioners voting by ballot. Ballot vote due Feb. 25, 2014

  • Acting Chairman Robert S. Adler
  • Commissioner Marietta S. Robinson
  • Commissioner Ann Marie Buerkle