China Product Hazard Monthly Summary Bulletin, November 2011

The monthly bulletin is a digest of Chinese-made products recalled in the U.S. It is published primarily to help Chinese suppliers avoid similar safety issues in products made for the U.S. market.
December 06, 2011



China Product Hazard Monthly Summary Bulletin was launched in May 2008 to alert Chinese manufacturers of the most commonly occurring hazards posed by products they produced such as excessive lead levels in children’s products, choking hazards caused by children’s upper outerwear garments with drawstrings, and others. More information on specific cases listed below is available by entering the press release number in the search engine at


Press release #

Description of Hazard


External battery case for iPod Touch has integrated circuit switch that can overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard.


Battery case for iPhone 3G/3GS can overheat while charging, posing a fire and burn hazard.


Motion sensing wall switches for lights have electrical defect.  When switches are in the auto mode and the light is off, a small amount of leakage current passes through the electric circuit, including the socket. If consumers fail to disconnect the power at the circuit breaker and make contact with both terminals inside the socket while replacing the bulbs, there is a risk of an electric shock.


Lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries that were sold to power a warming device in jackets have a cell defect that can cause overheating, posing a fire hazard.


Ornamental star decorations on heel of child’s shoe can loosen, posing a laceration hazard.


Children’s animal slippers have “eyes” that can detach, posing a choking hazard.


Swim “inner tube” accessory for toy bear can fit over a child’s head, posing a strangulation hazard.


Glass vase shatters when touched or moved by consumer, posing a laceration hazard.


Faulty electrical wiring of indoor cooking grills/griddles causes overheating and melting, posing a fire and electrical shock hazard.


Metal snap that connects chin strap to sports helmet has sharp edges, posing a laceration hazard when the user’s metal snap comes into contact with another player.


Glass bowl can break when subjected to sudden temperature changes or impact, posing a laceration hazard.


Boy’s jacket has retractable cord with toggles at neck and waist, posing a strangulation hazard.


Slats on drop side crib can detach from the top and bottom rails, creating a space between the slats.  The child’s body can become entrapped in the space, which can lead to strangulation, suffocation, or falls.


Magnetic tip of a drawing pen used on a toy magnetic sketchboard can dislodge from the pen, posing a choking hazard.


Latching mechanism for interchangeable blades on hunting knife can unexpectedly fail and release the blade, posing a laceration hazard to consumers.


Plastic fairy figures protrude from top of handle bar on child’s tricycle, posing a laceration hazard to child falling on them.