China Product Hazard Monthly Summary Bulletin, July 2011

The monthly bulletin is a digest of Chinese-made products recalled in the U.S. It is published primarily to help Chinese suppliers avoid similar safety issues in products made for the U.S. market.
August 06, 2011



China Product Hazard Monthly Summary Bulletin was launched in May 2008 to alert Chinese manufacturers of the most commonly occurring hazards posed by products they produced such as excessive lead levels in children’s products, choking hazards caused by children’s upper outerwear garments with drawstrings, and others. More information on specific cases listed below is available by entering the press release number in the search engine at


Press release #

Description of Hazard


Bottom rubber tip attached to pogo stick frame can wear out prematurely, posing a fall hazard. Also, end caps on handlebars can come off, exposing sharp edges, posing a laceration hazard.


The brake mechanism on strollers can fail, posing an injury hazard.


Some pads on shower mat do not stick to the bathtub surface, posing a fall hazard.


The screws on child resistant safety latches and outlet covers can loosen and/or break, exposing electrical outlets and other potentially hazardous items, posing shock and other hazards.


Nozzle and spray bar on surface cleaning attachment of power washer can break off, possibly breaking the plastic housing. The broken nozzle, spray bar and/or plastic housing can strike consumers, posing a laceration hazard.


Adult ski helmet provides insufficient shock absorption and resistance to penetration, posing a head injury hazard.


Children’s desk lamp can overheat, causing adhesive glue in lamp to melt. Dried glue makes removing light bulb difficult, increasing chance of bulb breaking, posing laceration hazard. Glue is also flammable, posing fire hazard.


The oscillating mechanism in portable heaters can short out, posing a fire hazard.


Handles on diving weights do not easily detach, as intended, posing drowning hazard.


Consumer holding handle on electric log splitter are exposed to moving blade, posing laceration and amputation hazard.


Plastic knobs on children’s building toy can break off, posing choking hazard.