China Product Hazard Monthly Summary Bulletin, August 2011

The monthly bulletin is a digest of Chinese-made products recalled in the U.S. It is published primarily to help Chinese suppliers avoid similar safety issues in products made for the U.S. market.
September 06, 2011



China Product Hazard Monthly Summary Bulletin was launched in May 2008 to alert Chinese manufacturers of the most commonly occurring hazards posed by products they produced such as excessive lead levels in children’s products, choking hazards caused by children’s upper outerwear garments with drawstrings, and others. More information on specific cases listed below is available by entering the press release number in the search engine at


Press release #

Description of Hazard


Ring and keys of a toy key set can break, posing a choking hazard.


File sharing device can overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard.


Flashlight batteries can overheat and rupture, posing fire and burn hazards.


Paint on lapel pin contains lead over the federal limit.


Wooden step stools can break apart or collapse under the weight of the user, posing a fall hazard.


Emergency lights on an exit sign may fail to turn on, failing to provide adequate lighting for building occupants in the event of an emergency.


Table legs can break, posing collapse and impact hazards.


Missing or worn clamp pads on children’s clip on chair can detach from the supporting surface, posing a fall hazard. When the chair detaches, children can put their fingers in the clamp, posing an amputation hazard. Instructions do not offer much guidance, increasing the risk of consumer misuse.


Boots could fail to provide the intended protection against compression and impact, posing the risk of a foot injury to consumers.


Coating of casserole can break and fly off, posing laceration and burn hazards.


Finger can get caught in an opening in the desk chair's tilt mechanism, posing a pinch hazard.


Fuel line and fuel tank in yard trimmers can be worn down or broken, posing fire hazards. Guard around blade can deform posing a laceration hazard.


Wooden step stools can break apart or collapse under the weight of the user, posing a fall hazard.


Sling-style swing seats on children’s playset can crack or split, posing a fall hazard.