Plain Language Act Compliance Report for 2010

CPSC Compliance Report for Plain Language 2013 details the agency's Plain Language Act training plan and solicits comments from the public about our writing.
November 04, 2013

CPSC has prepared this annual report on the agency’s compliance in meeting the requirements of the Plain Writing Act of 2010.

  1. Senior agency official for Plain Writing: Eileen J. Williams, Legal Editor in the Office of the General Counsel, is the CPSC’s plain language program manager. 

  3. Plain Writing section of the CPSC’s website: We created a CPSC webpage about CPSC's Plain Writing efforts.  The website also includes an easy way for the public to notify us about CPSC documents that are not in plain language.

  5. Communicating the Plain Writing Act’s requirements to agency employees: In August 2010, CPSC Chairman Inez M. Tenenbaum hired a full-time Legal Editor in the Office of the General Counsel.  The Legal Editor briefed each division in the agency, along with top agency officials and their staffs of the Plain Writing Act’s requirements.  Information on the requirements of the Act also is posted on the CPSC website.

  7. Training agency employees in Plain Writing: We trained employees on plain writing principles, commencing with those individuals most involved in public communications, including staff assistants, managers, and attorneys.  In particular, members of the Office of Education, Global Outreach and Small Business Ombudsman have received plain writing instruction.  Additional training was then provided to science, engineering, and human factors staff. Training and informational materials about plain writing on the CPSC website are posted on  In addition, representatives of the Plain Language and Information Network (PLAIN) are scheduled to train staff. 

  9. Specific types of agency communications the CPSC has released and made available in a format that is consistent with the Plain Writing Guidelines: Every document intended to be released by the CPSC to the public must be reviewed for plain language compliance before release to the public.  Documents subject to this pre-release plain language review include:  Federal Register notices, regulations, guidance documents, public presentations and related materials, press releases, voluntary recall notices, scientific articles and publications, reports to Congress, and educational materials. 

  11. Customer satisfaction: The CPSC Plain Language website solicits comments from the public about use of plain language in various CPSC publications and communications.