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Web Site Notification Guidelines
From the Office of Compliance, CPSC


  1. On the firm's home page (or the first entry point to the firm's web site) have a separate "button" or "icon" or "scrolling message" entitled Recall Safety Information to directly link the home page to a separate recall information page. Locate the "button", "icon", or "scrolling message" in a highly visible location on the home page or first entry point to the firm's web page. Consumers should not have to scroll vertically or laterally on the home page, or otherwise search for the information on the recall.

  2. On the recall page, include only the product recall information and no sales or marketing information. Include all text (verbatim) in the CPSC/Company joint press release and a color photo of the recalled products. Firms can scan in the CPSC--issued joint press release.

  3. Whenever possible, the recall page should be interactive to allow consumers to register to participate in the recall through the firm's web site.

  4. Post the web site recall notification by the date that the joint press release is to be issued.

  5. Keep the web site recall notification on the web site or first entry point to the firm's web site for the duration of the recall.