Chinese Government Notification of Recalls

The increasing number of voluntary recalls of imported consumer products manufactured in China is of serious concern to the Commission. It is essential to the Commission’s success in reducing the risk of injury and death to American consumers that the Chinese government learn the identity of a manufacturer whose product presents a significant risk of injury associated with such product.

Many voluntary recalls announced by U.S.-based retailers and importers do not publicly identify the Chinese manufacturer. When the Commission knows the identity of the manufacturer, the Commission will provide the name of the manufacturer to AQSIQ, the Chinese government agency responsible for consumer product regulation. The Commission will also provide AQSIQ with a copy of the public announcement or press release of the recall. The information will be transmitted and maintained under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding and any addenda adopted by the Commission and AQSIQ. Finally, if the Commission knows the name and address of the Chinese manufacturer, the Commission will provide it with notice of the voluntary recall.